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Where to buy Tongkat Ali

by Amir

Where to buy Tongkat Ali

Before buying any Tongkat Ali product, here is 7 popular range of Tongkat Ali product you can choose.

Tongkat Ali is a traditional medicinal plant used by the Orang Asli for hundreds of years in Malay Peninsula scientific known as Eurycoma Longifolia (LongJack). It’s also has a lesser known name as Pasak Bumi Indonesia language and also known as Malaysian Ginseng or Longjack in the West.  It’s a special shrub plants, well known to the Orang Asli who lives and forage in the rainforest and introduce this to Malay traditional herbalist about this powerful plant hundreds of years ago.

Many misconceptions existed in the West that Tongkat Ali is Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is totally wrong (No classification of this wonderful herb in Chinese Medicine Compendium and import of this herb to China and Korea is Totally Banned at the moment as it competes with Red Ginseng or Korean Ginseng due to its potency) this tree shrubs only exist in South East Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and little in Laos and Vietnam.

As its popularity raises and awareness of its benefits in the 1980’s of this herb and benefits grow, the Malaysian government has spent considerable amount of money into medical and clinical research. Today it’s so popular that a few national tv programs from US and Korea came to make documentary of Tongkat Ali, from its source in the rainforest of Malaysia to the market place.

This Program from the Fox TV US.

Korean TV program.  (Asian Hunter)
The Malaysian government spend considerable time and money into developing proper science and clinical trials into this herb, most clinical trials and research is done with Tongkat Ali in local universities and collaborated with global well-known universities and has proven to improve of free testosterone and restoring testosterone levels, enhance energy and muscle building naturally, improve bone healthanti- aginglower stress level, restore fertilityimprove libido and improve sexual function.

The research and clinical trials in the early 2000’spark rush of online sales, with hundreds of websites and even thousand selling fakes Tongkat Ali capsule and tablets but spiked with ED herbs with focus on sexual prowess and improvement.  The rush has apparently died down or closed down due to its low potency or just fake products and websites without any Tongkat Ali inside.

Here is some simple guide on types of Tongkat Ali in raw and finished product.

Types of Yellow Tongkat Ali Products in the market

In any online store online, you can buy Tongkat Ali this form and consume in this specific way. Some may it be beneficial or having little health benefits or getting the wrong form, fake roots and it may be harmful to your health.

These are the few types of Tongkat Ali form in raw or processed form available in the market.

  1. Buying Pure Tongkat Ali Tea. (Raw form of Root chips usually is sold packed in small bags and to be infused. Please note normally this is not the leaves that being sold)
    This is the most Traditional method of consuming Tongkat Ali handed down from the Orang Asli (Boil for at least 30 minutes before serving) in the morning. However, it’s extremely bitter due to its Eurycomanone and hard to swallow with a strong lingering bitter after taste. One of the ways to consume this is to add honey or sugar to mask its bitter taste. ( need to be kept dry all the time )2. Tongkat Ali Root in thin slices for liquor or wine Infusion or tea is also readily available online.

    Tongkat Ali slices infused in Korean Soju

    The way or recommended way to extract the nutritional benefits of Tongkat Ali is to add 50 gram of root slices into 1 liter of 33% alcohol strength and above and let it sit 3-6 month. This traditional way is popular with elderly male to increase testosterone, as commonly found in China or Korea Ginseng infused in liqueur where drinking it daily especially during cold winter to improve blood circulation, boost physical energy and keep the mental faculty sharp.

    3. Tongkat Ali Root Powder capsule was the earliest form of Tongkat Ali pills sold before Standardized extraction was introduced to optimize the nutrition mining so it may be safely consumed.
    Grinded root powder of Tongkat Ali, however was found to be hazardous to our kidney and may damage it in the long term as our body cannot digest small shrapnel of wood.  This form is best avoided although it is still available in the market.

    4. Tongkat Ali Coffee.
    Tongkat Coffee is a popular beverage in Malaysia. It comes with Tongkat Ali in 2 grades. The normal ones are Tongkat Ali flavoured, in premix form 3in1 or 4 in1. Popular Brand such as Alicafe, it has little functional Tongkat Ali benefits but the taste is great and enjoy global sales as one of the bestselling and popular Tongkat Ali coffee.

The other category of Tongkat Ali coffee which is less common in Malaysia but still have a good following is premix 4 in one coffee, comes with creamer, coffee, sugar and Tongkat Ali extract up to 50mg (any higher will make the coffee unbearable bitter). Its popular among Malaysian taxi drivers and bus driver , due to the combination of caffeine from coffee which gives good mental and physical energy for concentration and long distance driving.

5. Tongkat Ali Powder Extract

This blend of Tongkat Ali Root Extract in Powder can be found in some largest online retailers and health stores. From our experience, the authentic and reputable distributors and manufacturers will seal the watersoluble extract in aluminum packs Tongkat Ali Extract is highly hydroscopic and sensitive to moisture. This form is normally water soluble commonly used as a training or multiple supplement stack added to water, tea or coffee in the morning. This is also extremely bitter.

6. Tongkat Ali Capsule or Tablets

These are the most popular forms of Tongkat Ali readily available in the market in OTC or online like Amazon or Ebay.  The strength normally starts from 25 mg per capsule and can go up to 400 mg. A well-blended and formulated Tongkat Ali root extract is known to give a warn and thermogenic effect, raise energy, testosterone and libido and the effect is felt after a few days and normally taken in the morning and afternoon. Another common formulation is in multiform, Tongkat Ali extract is blended with maca along with other herbs and made into into mens virility enhancing formula and bodybuilders who want to build muscle quickly.

7. Liquid Extract Form

Tongkat Ali Liquid Extract Form

Where to buy Tongkat Ali?

Newest form available, can be added as supplement into tea, coffee or juice.  Its fast acting easily absorbed into your body system. Unlike capsules or tablets, this allows you to adjust your dosage, avoid overdose of taking too much Tongkat Ali that will make you feel overheated, cause insomnia, agitation and aggression which has been reported on some who consumed too high dosage of Tongkat Ali.

Before making any Tongkat Ali purchase, also read the potential side effects of Tongkat Ali to judge if this herb is really suitable for you. Here is a link below if to buy the latest form of Tongkat Ali.

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  • Mambo Khamis
    December 21, 2017

    Is Tongkat Ali available in Kenya?

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  • Dezo
    March 27, 2018

    How do I know this really works ? Do u send samples ? If so I would like to try it out first.

    • March 27, 2018

      Dear Dezo,
      We don’t send samples as we know it works as our product is endorsed by a clinical Dr who is a tongkat ali specialist and proven to work by our repurchasing by our repeating customers. Our price is the cheapest compared to other alternative products in the market. Thank you.

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