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Treat Prostate Enlargement and Erectile Dysfunction

by Amir

Treat Prostate Enlargement and Erectile Dysfunction

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) & Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are aging men’s problem. However, the two are somehow connected and distress each other. Both intensify with age, but one causes difficulties in the toilet and other in the bed chamber.

Enlarged Prostate first casualty is men’s urination. It can cause sudden side effects including: It starts with sudden urges to urinate, then frequent urination, unable to hold control urination dripping, weakening stream then worsening case is frequent night urination which interferes with sleep.

Standard treatment drugs used to treat BPH can cause will trouble some men in sustaining an erection due to men who take alpha-blockers such as doxazosin and terazosin may experience decreased ejaculation due to alpha-blockers relaxes.

A common side effect of the BPH medications dutasteride and finasteride, which are both alpha reductase inhibitors, it will cause losses of sex drive and having an erection.

So, we men situation where drugs, which treats BPH, reduce men’s ability to perform in bed, maintaining an erection and having normal sex and needing to add PDE-5 drugs to their supplement to assist to perform.

A correct balance is needed, as highlight in this 2 findings both pointing by lowering estrogen, elevated DHT , man can reduce their prostate size and plus reduction of SHBG, more free testosterone available.

The significance of this findings is twofold compared to conventional wisdom. BPH or enlarged prostate is a TREATABLE disease for men, rather than standard medication in controlling them.

Once BPH mens night urinary problem is reduced or treated, a good night sleep is essential for energy and stamina rejuvenation, a men who wakes up 4 times a night to pee tends to be a grumpy old men (with low free Testosterone usually)

You can avoid this pitfall with our formulated Ali-Activ. They key ingredient has help many elderly men in their enlarged prostate problem,

Firstly, most men regained their bladder control after one bottle, less frequent night urination (means better sleep and better energy level).

Secondly regain their T level naturally, (using Alpha Redutaste Inhibitors lowers overall T level) while lowering their Estrogen , which is the main cause of BPH, energy and slowly improve and regain their erection ( instead of using Cialis )

Thirdly cancer prevention while having a healthy T level and taking Tongkat Ali. PSA level has been seen to drop to normal range while taking Ali-Activ supplement .

For elderly men with BPH, high PSA and Erectile Dysfunction ( ED ), Tongkat Ali is an invaluable and must have additional supplement to maximise and optimal health.

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