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Tongkat Ali Side Effects

by Amir

Tongkat Ali Side Effects and How Remedy It.

As an androgen and one of most potent natural testosterone boosting supplements, it has the best effect in naturally boosting testosterone, as an aromatase inhibitor, boosting LH and FSH hormone for men’s fertility and increase libido.

Tongkat Ali Farm in Borneo

Its Benefits is numerous, however their minor side effect or little others caution that when taking this supplement on its own or as a stack or mixing with other supplement. Word of caution there is a few dos and don’t when taking Tongkat Ali.

Firstly, Tongkat Ali’s androgenic ability as a testosterone boosting and estrogen blocking properties supplement, it should not be used by

  • Anyone below 18 or not reaching puberty, traditionally, it might mess up a growing boy or girl’s growth hormone cycle. Although there is no study on this, traditionally in Malaysia, they avoid giving it to the young so there is a simple possibility of messing the cycle of growth for the young men. (Avoid a teenager having a huge and constant boner as well)
  • Pregnant woman is to avoid it as its testosterone boosting is actually unsafe for baby in the womb. Its totally not to be taken by woman during pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding woman is not advised to take Tongkat Ali supplement as it might interfere with milk production.
  • Girl or Woman on Menstrual time is advised to avoid it.
  • Cancer patient is also not advised to take Tongkat Ali, although there no strict scientific studies, one studies concluded in lab Tongkat Ali inhibits prostate cancer cells in lab.

Our recommendation and observation is Tongkat Ali sourced from Malaysia only, as 95% of clinical and empirical studies is derived from Tongkat Ali extracted from its rainforest. Most clinical and safety studies conducted by Malaysian universities and researchers is based on 30:1 extract ratio in Malaysia which is safety tolerated by in our kidney and liver. Anything claiming higher potency and specifically higher extract ratio such as 100:1 or 200:1 has not been proven in lab or test for its long term safety and toxicity in human.

Here is the potential side effect when consuming Tongkat Ali root extract in capsule, (do avoid the Tongkat Ali Root powder, its dangerous for the kidney) and need to control the dosage. Capsules that come in 300 mg potency can be too high for some, therefore its needed to be controlled the dosage, some people experienced body and mental crash on too high dosing. The best is to start at 50-80mg and take it up to 200-400 mg test your individual tolerance.  The trick is to find the sweet spot of dosing, you will find it by feeling energized and charged, motivated and mentally clear.

From our experience and feedback with Malaysian Tongkat Ali we sold, these are the potential side effect that you should look out for. Individual reaction is different, however if you experienced the below symptom when you first used Tongkat Ali, be aware of your dosing (start with 50mg to 100mg to avoid the effect below), cycle and time of consumption. Here is what you might encounter when you first take Tongkat Ali.

  • Its Thermogenic, means its heathy, you need to drink a lot of water to counter act its effect, when consuming it. Many experienced getting mouth ulcers on prolonged and non cycled (if you cycle it 5 days taking on and 2-day rest off its would be less of a problem) consumption, due to its metabolic properties.
  • Interrupt with Sleep Pattern and Insomnia, its energy giving properties (ergogenic), some users has reported it interrupted with sleep pattern at night caused insomnia (one way to manage and avoid this is to half the dosage, secondly only take it during breakfast and not in the afternoon or night). Some positive experience those who in the middle aged and retired age who needs his or her afternoon nap found, by taking Tongkat Ali or Tongkat Ali coffee many felt they have enough energy to skip sleep in the afternoon and yet remain energized.
  • Anger and Aggression, some theory it might make a person much more aggressive and yes its experienced by some people. This is easily reflected, its due to raise of energy level, easy way to reduce this testosterone boosting effect is to cut the dosage, or take it before exercise, in this matter it might help to reduce its effect.
  • Acne popping up is also experienced by some due to its hormonal boosting properties, this is due taking too high dosing and consumption frequency. Break or cut the capsule if its too high dosage.
  • Over Dosing Some brands of Tongkat Ali capsule markets in single concentration, which is well high above a person daily need. Assuming someone aged 30-40, taking a 400mg dosage bought over the counter which is in a single capsule, assuming to improve his fertility, this is far too much for his age he might feel over energized, a standard 150mg – 200 mg will do the same trick without overdosing during the same period of time.
  • Tongkat Ali Interaction with Hypertensive drugs, those who is on hypertensive drugs, must be cautious if adding Tongkat Ali as it traditionally used to lower BP further, therefore having Tongkat Ali while on hypertension drug must be cautious to be sure of the dosage BP drugs must be lowered as well to take into consideration of Tongkat Ali natural ability.  Most Tongkat Ali in the market comes in standard dosage, therefore liquid form of Ali-Activ Plus allow you to determine the safe dosing.  As Tongkat Ali is known as a natural vasodilator and therefore will helps to enhance the flow of blood in arteries and vessels traditionally used also to treat hypertension as it lowers blood pressure at the same time it will also help to cure erectile dysfunction in men., a gradual incremental dosage is recommend to minimize its too much low blood pressure at the same time will restore the sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction caused by high BP.
  • Tongkat Ali Effects on Hair or Hair Loss, those herbs that boost DHT hormone according to popular science may cause male pattern baldness or increasing hair loss. This might be true for those who uses Exogenus testosterone booster (e.g. testosterone injection). However there is no conclusive proof or studies that show using Tongkat Ali to boost Endogenous testosterone may cause hair loss. Some reported hair loss when taking Tribulus, however so far there is none reported hair loss with Tongkat Ali.
    The biggest concern on Tongkat Ali side effect that has not been addressed is its testosterone boosting quality, will it causes hair loss? Medical research pointed out excessive DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the main offender, most men worry taking Tongkat Ali raise testosterone level will cause and accelerate hair loss.  Balding men normally are prescribed by Doctors to take DHT blocker (Finasteride)   in form of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor (5-AR) is the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT to stop their hair loss. However, a Malaysian research has shown Tongkat Ali extract from Malaysia also contains Myricetin a natural potent 5-AR, eliminating the risk and problem of hair loss while taking Tongkat Ali while optimizing in boosting your natural testosterone to restore your energy, sex drive, libido and fertility.Futhermore, Moringa Oleifera extracts also shown to have 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor (5-AR) in this recent research papers making Ali-Activ Plus Tongkat Ali pretty safe with clinical proof record to boost testosterone. Such data however taking a cocktail testosterone boosting herbs such is Maca, Tribulus, Ashwgandha, Pine Pollen and etc, might be counterproductive, yes it might boost testosterone however it may also accelerate hair loss without the right combination of herbs.

The best way to take advantage of Tongkat Ali’s benefit is take Ali-Activ Plus. Ali-Activ® Plus is a Scientifically Engineered Formulation of Tongkat Ali AND Moringa Oleifera. Which gives  optimum benefits for Men’s and Women’s Health. Moringa Oleifera leaves have a huge range of amino acid and hormonal balancing chemicals. Our trials have concluded this herb to herb interaction pairing is the most potent for its synergistic effect on men’s and women’s overall health.

If you are still worried you might get negative or bad side effect here is how to take it unlike tablet or capsules. Firstly Ali-Activ Plus is easy to control your dosage and tolerance, it will improve your health tremendously and will minimal the negative side effect while building up its benefits for you in your system. Secondly liquid form is stronger and faster absorption rate. You will get the benefits of Tongkat Ali much faster, easier and safer.

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