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Tongkat Ali Malaysia (Eurycoma Longifolia)

by Amir

Tongkat Ali Malaysia (Eurycoma Longifolia) – The Story of Nature’s Most Powerful Aphrodisiac.
IN the West, Chris Kilham (medicine hunter) has and lived a life as a medicinal nomad,  hunting and travelling the globe in search of  natural remedies and to hunt for the best natural alternative and herbal remedies from local shamans to clinical Doctors. On his quest for natures most powerful aphrodisiac Tongkat Ali or commonly known as Eurycoma Longifolia extract was introduced to Kilham by a Malaysian herbalist. For him, a journey from USA and documentary by FOX news was aired in America and now available in You Tube.  It’s a well-known fact as nature’s most powerful androgen herb and backed by clinical hold down brilliantly under scientific scrutiny.

Kilham visited Malaysia to observe the extraction procedure first hand, From the rainforest of Pahang, guided by licensed orang Asli guide where (they are the only people allowed to harvest it to ensure sustainability and support their lifestyle) into the rainforest or Taman Negara (National Park of Malaysia) and harvest Tongkat Ali, they penetrated deep into the rainforest, the spiritual home of the Orang Asli (Temiar and Semai tribe) of Malay Peninsular where and the knowledge of Tongkat Ali and other rainforest  herbs has been handed down by their forefathers and Shaman for hundreds of year.  What the Orang Asli did with this herb is remarkable, the leaves have anti malaria properties, in the jungle and rainforest, fever is treated with Tongkat Ali leaves.  The root also then is harvested & dried and boiled (for 20 minutes and drunk as instant natural energy shots just like Red Bull however the chemical Eurycomanone is extremely bitter), for its aphrodisiac and energy giving properties (Most Orang Asli lives in communal and have a lot of Children !).

There has been also a lot of other TV documentaries maker  from Korea, China and Japan ( Available to view in Youtube)  Malaysia to look, learn and study the benefits of Tongkat Ali ( Eurycoma Longifolia ) or Malaysia Ginseng from harvesting with the locals to the final product. ( Not suprising male enhancement product market is worth USD 10 Billion per year worldwide easily)

The androgen and healing properties of Malaysian Ginseng or Tongkat Ali is so powerful and positive that Malaysian Government has funded millions into scientific study of Malaysia’s Tongkat Ali and standardized and isolate Extract for its herbal and healing properties. The scientific venture is cemented with MIT of USA, created a patented 30:1 extract ratio (Optimal extract Ratio for Tongkat Ali).  The results are positively shocking for Eurycoma Longifolia, there are scientific proof standard and clinical test on rats and human has proven Eurycoma Longifolia may help, to

  • Support Optimal Testosterone levels for young and aging men,
  • Improve fertility in men and woman,
  • Improve sexual performance and satisfaction plus enjoyment, as an aphrodisiac,
  • improve on better elderly physical functioning as in healthy aging male and female,
  • Enhances physical and muscle building recovery,
  • Improves moods and reduces stresses.
  • Boost immune system.

The Malaysian government is betting big on the success of this herb. The government has invested millions of dollars to enable the success of the all-natural and pour money into the first commercial farmed Tongkat Ali, as primary and secondary crop.

(Secondary crop inside a rubber Plantation, fruiting Tongkat Ali Tree)

Not only has the government provided funds for manufacturing upgrades, but the government has also begun to cultivate the Eurycoma Longifolia trees by creating large plantations of the colorful tree. As it takes ten to fifteen for each tree to reach maturity, the return on this investment will take years before the trees are ready for harvesting.

However, the demand for the Tongkat Ali is robust. Demand for it as a supplement, bodybuilding, powerbuilding and anti aging and sport formula has made it very popular in the past 10 years.  A huge amount of formula has appeared in the market. Now if anyone one who buys male enhancement formula and supplement, there will be tongkat ali extract as a primary ingredient.  Just click on you Google and Bing Ads or You Tube, there is plenty of products, video and testimonial promoting this superb supplement. The major clinical studies and benefits has confirmed Malaysia Ginseng or Tongkat Ali is currently rank as the number 1 male enhancement supplement or must have herb extract in any men’s health or enhancement product formulation. Click on you any internet search engine, and type Tongkat Ali, Malaysia Ginseng or Eurycome Longifolia, a huge list supplement Ads will prompt. In clinical and scientific papers claims and benefits, it stands above other manly herbs Maca, Tribulus, Horny Goat Weed.  The benefits of Malaysian Ginseng is so profound has prompted China (Maca and Cordyceps)  and Korea (ginseng) has banned its import and Malaysian herbal manufacturers is unable to exports to these country due its fear that Tongkat Ali  will jepordise their own herbal industry.

The rise and recent popularity of Tongkat Ali also has spurns a huge amount of bootleg or fake Tongkat Ali products, often marketed as natural and herbal Viagra which will give erection within hours. This is further then most truth, Tongkat Ali works naturally, it may take hours even days to retune your system. However once your body restores it optimal function with positive testosterone, energy and lower stress level, your manhood or erecting will be much better returning to a much youthful or younger age. For example a person who is aged 50-60 who lost his libido, erection and energy, daily supplement of Tongkat Ali after 1 or 2 weeks may makes him feel in the late 20 plus again in term of physical ability and sexual ability. A daily supplement of Tongkat Ali prompted his body to manufacture and enhances testosterone level making an elderly lethargic man feels younger.

It makes a person who is aged above 55 feel biologically as his is back in his mid to late 20ish.

Kilham reiterated his broad endorsement of the Tongkat Ali Extract on March 24th after the documentary, when he was invited to appear on Dr. Oz’s television show.  The presentation of Tongkat Ali or Malaysian Ginseng coffee and demand for the Malaysia’s Tongkat Ali extract skyrocketed.
Eurycoma Longifolia

However, with all herbs there are do’s and don’ts.

  • It should not be consumed by children below age 16.
  • Pregnant woman should not take it.
  • Breastfeeding woman should not take it.
  • Men on heart supplement should not take it.

The caution is due to its testosterone boosting quality and aromatase inhibitor effect.  The background research of and successful Malaysian Gov and MIT of use using 30:1 optimal ( Standardised optimal ratio of Eurycomanone , Protein, Polysaccharide, Glycosapin ) extract with huge success in their clinical trials has opened the door for   BOOTLEG AND FAKE  in the Tongkat Ali  offering higher yielding ratios, 50:1 100:1 or 200:1 or 1:200  to validate their higher potency.  Since there is not a single clinical research or scientific papers on any of this extract ratios ever done on human safety, rats studies, or TOXICOLOGY level. Therefore, it is safe to assume some of the brand sold online or touted it’s are just PDE-5 inhibitors or products spiked with it hidden and sold as Genuine Tongkat Ali. (One of the most previously respected brand in male enhancement supplement, has been tainted in this incidence, Vimax Pills, was tested by US FDA to contain taladafil as an hidden ingredient)

The other possibility also for the higher yield ratio means the quality of Tongkat Ali at this high potency is actually lower therefore needing a much higher extract strength to deliver similar potency. Furthermore Tongkat Ali tree need to be harvested from the rainforest, having such a high extracting ratio will need a bigger number of raw materials and make it unsustainable harvesting and may actually harm the rainforest.

Therefore it is recommended to buy only Malaysia’s based Tongkat Ali or Malaysia Ginseng, for its herbal SAFETY, POTENCY & AUTHENTICITY.

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