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Tongkat Ali Benefits

by Amir

Tongkat Ali Benefits

11 Benefits of Tongkat Ali Tree, from the rainforest to the world.

Harvesting Tongkat Ali in the Wild

Tongkat Ali was originally used as the all in one cure by the Orang Asli, (Jungle People) of the Malay Peninsula.  As they live in the jungle far away from town and civilization, the jungle plants are their source of medicine and among the most famous one is Tongkat Ali. Traditionally, this Plant known for its scientific name, Eurycome Longifolia Longjack has been studied extensively by modern science to validate its medicinal benefit.
                                                MIT and Malaysian Government Research collaboration on Tongkat Ali

A young Tongkat Ali Tree 3-4 Years Old

The whole plant in the past has been used by the Orang Asli harvested wild in the rainforest for hundreds of years only known to them and shared the knowledge of this medicinal benefit and passed this to Malay Herbalist. Here Is the benefits of the whole Tongkat Ali tree in traditional Malay medicine and function according to the part of their tree.  Here is the 4 Benefits of the plant body itself according to folklore medicine.

  1. Tongkat Ali Leaves Benefits:                                                                                  Tongkat Ali Leaves

Boiling of Eurycoma longifolia leaves and was used to wash itchiness and treat wounds as probably it has antiseptic properties.


    2. Tongkat Ali Fruit Helps to:

                                                                  Tongkat Ali Fruit turn dark Purple when Ripe

The fruits are traditionally used in helping to heal dysentery.


    3. Tongkat Ali Bark Benefits

                                                    Tongkat Ali stem (Notice wood borer avoids the bark)

The bark is mostly boiled and drunk as a vermifuge (terminates or ejects parasitic worms


    4. Tongkat Ali Roots Benefits

                                                           Tongkat Ali Root above 30 years of age.

The most valued part of the Tongkat Ali plant for the Orang Asli is the root, its medicinal qualities is extracted by boiling its roots for 10 minutes to help combating malaria, lowering high blood pressure and curing mild fevers. In addition, according to folk medicine, when its boiled for a longer period around 20 minutes and more of its nutritional qualities is extracted from Tongkat Ali root that is more than 10 years old, its ability to restore energy, boost erection and libido in men highly makes Tongkat Ali a treasured plant in Malaysia.

These amazing qualities of this natural herb has been subject of extensive research, no wonder its was coined the nickname Malaysian Ginseng and Natural or Herbal Viagra. There been extensive research on the benefits of Tongkat Ali from Malaysian universities and collaboration with international bodies and universities in the lab using animals and clinical trials supported by the Malaysian government. Due to the nature of this herb as currently its harvested in the wild, huge effort in conservation and support is done by Malaysian government to ensure sustainability of Tongkat Ali supply in the market.

                                         Tongkat Ali Trees inside a Rubber Plantation (Sabah, Malaysia)

Extensive research benefits of Tongkat Ali are focus on its root extract and here are the most well-known 7 benefits making it the most sought-after herb nicknamed Malaysian Ginseng

  • Improve Fertility in Men – Studies in lab and human trials, has confirmed it one of the best fertility agent, male fertility supplement. Clinical lab researchhas shown vast improvement in  higher level of sperm count,  better spermatogenesis and increasing of sperm quantity  It works its magic by enhancing LH and FSH hormone in men, improving an infertile man sperm quality within one month or two on consistent usage to reinstate his fertility.


  • Boost Testosterone Levels and Block Estrogen- Its proven to level increase the levels of men  free testosterone and restoring testosterone levels, also blocks estrogen level, and this is especially useful for elderly men who is estrogen dominant, where increase in body fat, late night urinals and prevent and raised PSA levels in mans prostate. From our observation, men who take our Tongkat Ali Supplement consistently for 2-3 months shown a huge improvement in lower nightly urinals those who went to toilet 3-4 times was reduced once a night, lose weight and bodyweight and has better physical stamina.


  • Improve libido and improve sexual function – Its ability to improve erection and libido is also well known , a function of its testosterone boosting qualities, therefore improve on mens ability to have a better sex life and restore his sexual function. Reports from people age 50 and above who take this supplement regularly restore their lost sexual stamina and satisfaction to the time when they we at a younger age.
  • Help with Erectile Dysfunction– Tongkat Ali has proven to restoring testosterones, boosting fertility and improving libido, in addition Tongkat Ali has shown to enhance the Corpus Cavernosum of animals in the lab, making it the best single ingredient most potent male enhancement formula. It is no coincidence it is found to be the primary ingredient in most male enhancing formula. The potency to alleviate ED or erectile dysfunction can be optimized by adding Zinc such as found in shellfish or prawns (libido enhancer) and L- Arginine or L -Citrulline (Improve Blood Circulation) in this combination. Our propriety blend of Tongkat Ali has shown combining this 3 yield the best formula to reverse ED in men.


  • Reduces stress Hormone– A research has found that Tongkat Ali Significant improvements were found in the TA group vs Placebo, according to the final findings average, Tension (−11%), Anger (−12%), and Confusion (−15%) has declined.  In addition, the stress hormone profile (salivary cortisol and testosterone) was significantly improved by Tongkat Ali supplementation, with reduced cortisol exposure (−16%). Those who take this supplement will definitely benefit positively, not only physical improvement is registered as above however a significant improvement is also observed. This condition frequently encountered for elderly male, especially those who is in andropause or male menopause,  a supplementation of our Tongkat Ali formula generally improve the mood and mental awareness of elderly male. A lower mental stress hormone in an elder male may benefit additionally with lower chances of Dementia, or Alzheimer which has been link with lower testosterone level and Tongkat Ali supplementation might be the answer to combat this disease.


  • Reduce Fat and Better Muscle Stronger Skeletal Formation- As we age, our testosterone and growth hormone level decline rapidly, and taking Tongkat Ali supplements will raise testosterone level, making it a less likely hood of osteoporosis in elders. As Tongkat Ali is thermogenic, it is also known to burn fat and control weight efficiently, while it’s a popular bodybuilding supplement, taking it while training and exercising will defiantly help to build muscle faster and stronger.


  • Tongkat Ali reduces Uric Acid – Tongkat Ali root extract has the ability to reduce and inhibit the production of uric acid while protecting the kidney, therefore taking Tongkat Ali also is also helpful in lowering the risk of getting gout.

Further studies and many evidence and trials also shown Tongkat Ali is beneficial to help men to fight prostate cancer, reduce PSA reading and BPH in men.

There is a reason why, now Tongkat Ali extract is available in most natural bodybuilding supplements and also male boosting supplements as a stack or mostly a combination of multiple supplements in the market which actually weaken or reduce the effectiveness of the benefit of Tongkat Ali alone. Our product combine the purest and most refined grade to allow you to reap the optimal benefits of Tongkat Ali and faster absorption.  Although this article generally explains the Benefits of Tongkat Ali for men, but in reality Tongkat Ali also benefits women (click for more info) significantly. Therefore, Tongkat Ali which is considered as a potent traditional supplement for men is also highly beneficial for women and those who want to enjoy the above benefits should take Ali Activ Plus Tongkat Ali as one of their key regular supplements.  Those who are taking it regularly mostly experience great improvement in their health eg. feeling more energetic, better sexual performance plus satisfaction and better mental clarity and mood. Based on experience, it is also significantly superior to other supplements in improving the other aspects of sexual health such as libido, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, and overall satisfaction.



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