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Tongkat Ali Benefits for Seniors or Elderly

by Amir

Tongkat Ali Benefits for Seniors or Elderly

When human grow old, some major changes will occur in our body, in popular, theory we states every 10 years our body and brain undergoes major changes, the quality of our live, mind and our cells degrade and deteriorate over time.

Each of us is unique, some people has been blessed with good genes, as they age,some won’t fall sick and, retain all their bodily good function and live a life full without any major illness.

Normal Changes That Occur as we age, there are changes that will occur as the decades pass.

Memory and Cognition:
By the age of 60, small changes in overall intellectual functioning begin to be noticed. Some says we get wiser when we get older, there is some truth, those who kept working and keep their mind occupied tends to live longer and healthier. There is also plenty of case pointing out the danger of sudden retirement, cases where sudden major illness once an elderly went to retirement without any alternative work or major lifestyle change is fatal.  On average verbal skills will remain intact until we reach our eighth decade of our life before it started to decline.

On the other hand, intellectual functions that involve more complex abilities such as intellectual reasoning or solving problematic difficulties is less competent as the decades pass, our brain function decline and our brain will start shrinking in addition the speed that brain neurons that transmit information start to slows down and processing brain information becomes less efficient as we age.

Reaction times also will also start slow, eye, brain and body coordination function will make senior drivers needing much more time and concentrating to drive and a shorter driving range tolerance as well.  Brain memory will stay with us, selective incidence or major ones is more easily and is more easily accessed than short term memory when we age.

Both men and woman reach our optimal our strength and muscle mass peaks between the ages of 20 and 30, and then begins a gradual decline as our HGH or human growth hormone started to decline in production. This process can be arrested and maintained longer if we maintain a healthier lifestyle, we drink less, smoke less, do more exercise and take no drugs.

As we get to the age of 40 and above, our waist size begins to increase as muscle converts into fat more easily. It harder to burn those food based calorie, and also due to busy lifestyle accommodating and balancing, family, work and responsibilities, on average obesity and weight gain above 60 is extremely common.

As we age the level of free testosterone available is lower, as higher level of SHBG hampers the ability to produce energy and muscle mass growth plus physical ability decline. Therefore, when we age we expect few things below which is very common.

Decline in

  • muscle mass,
  • less bone density and bone is easily brittle
  • low energy level
  • mental alertness and lethargies.
  • Low or no sex drive

Any accidents, physical which involve damage to an elderly tissue, muscle or bone will takes longer time to heal, repair and recover. Its due to low level of HGH and free testosterone in the body which affects our body and mind to kick start body self-repair and recovery system when there is a shock to our body system.

The improve the quality of life seniors or elderly, commonly nowadays a few multivitamin, omega oils and antioxidant based supplements are normally consume to promote healthy aging lifestyles. However latest research in science has found, a key missing ingredients improving lifestyle of elderly. The lack of testosterone and anti-estrogenic supplement is also a key ingredient for senior to have a much better quality of life and it’s a must have supplement for the elderly to have a quality of life.

By integrating key supplement that promotes endogenous testosterone production, there is massive improvement in the quality of life and vast array of benefitsfor elderly.

Research and empirical experience has shown taking Tongkat Ali massively improve the quality of life for elderly, not only just for the young, professional atheletes or to improving erectile dysfunction in men.

Elderly who went through menopause (woman) and andropause, (research in late onset hypogonadism ) or male menopause will benefits greatly from Tongkat Ali as a natural dietary supplement.  Those who on the low side of energy, drive and motivation for PHYSICAL activities due to changes or lack of balance of hormones , upon correcting or improving their diet with Ali-Activ supplement discover benefits of renergising their mind and body plus having a HUGE motivation for physical activities. ( Watch Vide0 Mr Ng Chow Seng, 81 year old)

Here how Ali-Activ can help senior and why it is highly recommended to be a part of your or your seniors supplement.

  • By Increase testosterone production– improve muscle gain or arrest muscle loss and skeletal strength, slows down osteoporosis , This will slow down aging related physical degradation in seniors, an active body with higher testosterone is and stronger muscle and bone is less prone to age related accidents.
  • Increase energy level– more energy from higher ATP, making elderly feel better physical functioning and mentally more sharp, better body and mental coordination. It will be much safer for elderly who still need to work, drive or do any physical related activities. Higher energy also promotes better lifestyle or outdoor related activities and enjoy life in fuller.
  • Lower cotrisol– lower stress hormones and this translate to a much better mental focus therefore reducing chances of dementia, age related memory loss or depression.

Most modern nutrition for elderly haven’t address issue of this hormonal rebalancing and tends to overlook the important of elderly supplement. Common age related prescription supplement for bone is calcium tablets or capsule, however a higher level of endogenous testosterone is equally important for bone health.

Such is important of testosterone for anti aging, for the past 10 years in the US and UK has classified low testosterone as a medical condition therefore  exogenous TRT or testosterone replacement therapy with HCG plus AI as a lifestyle or protocol, as one of the key to anti aging and anti stress management. TRT or low testosterone is one of the most common prescribed medical condition to improve the physical and mental well being in the WEST.

Therefore any senior will benefit tremendously with a supplement that can raise endogenous low testosterone and high estrogen level.

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