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Benefits of Tongkat Ali For Women

by Amir
9 Benefits of Tongkat Ali For Female Tongkat Ali can benefits women as well as men, in fact some area women may benefit more positively then men when taking Ali-Activ. Here is the few benefits highlighted below on why should women take Tongkat Ali. The key function of Tongkat Ali is testosterone boosting, taking it have myriads of benefits listed below. Lose weight faster and control- due to its hormonal regulating properties and thermogenic effect, woman may lose lose fat and gain muscle tone faster. Energy booster- it’s effect on giving energy boost to a fatigue makes it a superb […]

Tongkat Ali Malaysia (Eurycoma Longifolia)

by Amir
Tongkat Ali Malaysia (Eurycoma Longifolia) – The Story of Nature’s Most Powerful Aphrodisiac. IN the West, Chris Kilham (medicine hunter) has and lived a life as a medicinal nomad,  hunting and travelling the globe in search of  natural remedies and to hunt for the best natural alternative and herbal remedies from local shamans to clinical Doctors. On his quest for natures most powerful aphrodisiac Tongkat Ali or commonly known as Eurycoma Longifolia extract was introduced to Kilham by a Malaysian herbalist. For him, a journey from USA and documentary by FOX news was aired in America and now available in […]

Tongkat Ali – Experts Comment on the Effectiveness and Extraction Process

by Amir
Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham has experimented with Tongkat Ali for several years. The herbal extract was introduced to Kilham by Annie Eng who pushed Kilham to explore the merits of herbal medicines and therapies. Kilham and Eng visited Malaysia to observe the extraction procedure first hand. It was time well spent. Kilham was impressed with the Eurycoma Longifolia tress that were selected for harvesting. Kilham described the tree as “a medium size, slender tree reaching 10 meters in height grown in Malaysia, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia.” Eng and Kilham observed the harvesting process that has not changed much for centuries. […]

Do You Know Why Viagra Sales in Malaysia is The Worst in The World?

by Amir
Do You Know Why Viagra Sales in Malaysia is The Worst in The World? Male enhancement herbs is a common solution for sexual prowess and erectile dysfunction in men of medium and old ages. There is a huge information in the internet with hundreds of companies trying to get you to buy how do you know which products actually work? Before you purchase a male enhancer, you should research the available options carefully and ignore the hype. A lot of male enhancement products make false advertising claims about their effectiveness, and misleading their customers on 100% claim of natural herbals […]

Do You Know Why Malaysian Men Don’t Need Viagra?

by Amir
Do You Know Why Malaysian Men Don’t Need Viagra? (Nature’s Most Powerful Natural Viagra) One of the most common problem of erectile dysfunction is poor blood flow to the groin and penis area. To maintain an erection, blood need to flow to our penile chamber, corpora cavernosa and stay there to flood the chamber to maintain our erection This action is commonly happening when a young men reach puberty or teenager and adulthood, where his physical condition is optimal with full of energy, good blood circulation and optimal testosterone. As we age, we don’t produce enough testosterone, this is one […]