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Treat Prostate Enlargement and Erectile Dysfunction

by Amir
Treat Prostate Enlargement and Erectile Dysfunction Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) & Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are aging men’s problem. However, the two are somehow connected and distress each other. Both intensify with age, but one causes difficulties in the toilet and other in the bed chamber. Enlarged Prostate first casualty is men’s urination. It can cause sudden side effects including: It starts with sudden urges to urinate, then frequent urination, unable to hold control urination dripping, weakening stream then worsening case is frequent night urination which interferes with sleep. Standard treatment drugs used to treat BPH can cause will trouble some […]

BPH, PSA Levels and Prostate Cancer and Ali-Activ.

by Amir
BPH, PSA Levels and Prostate Cancer and Ali-Activ. Standard pharmaceutical drug and doctor for treatment is deficient in addressing the root cause of prostate problem, medication prescribed (5-alpha reductase inhibitor and alpha blocker) further reduce an already declining testosterone level in elderly men. This creates awful loop of male hormonal disparity, men aging with declining testosterone and weakening sexual function against rising estrogen level and weight gains. By understanding the role of estrogen in men’s prostate health, herbal Ali-Activ can address this problem. Medical studies have shown that Tongkat Ali increases free testosterone, while reduces sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) […]