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Natural Testosterone Boosters

by Amir


Let’s say you want to feel young again and recover your lost youthful vigor that involve including healthy muscle gains or lower muscle losses, recover lost libido & improve erection, improved mental drive, focus and motivation.

It’s all in one definite hormone, testosterone is the key and the king maker of age related based decline.

As your free and available testosterone levels begin to decrease when you age, there are a few options you can take to arrest this decline. Basically, it boils down to 2 way for this hormone to get into your system to make you feel better, stronger and younger. Its Exogenous Vs Endogenous.  In laymen term, one is to take external testosterone, one is to help your body to make testosterone.

Why our testosterone gets lower, it could be multiple factors, age, sickness or health and physical condition.

There are few things we can clarify, low testosterone in young and middle-aged men is usually reversible. Normally these 4 most common lifestyle changes has shown to improve low testosterone improvement by more than 50% drastically for men aged 50 and below without any supplement need.

  1. Sleep- those who sleep less than required hours and waking up feeling fatigue. When we have enough rest, our bodily function is restored and so is our testosterone level. One trick is to do afternoon power nap for 15 to 20 mins.
  2. Exercise-  Regular Exercise is one of the key important areas where it will trigger testosterone production when we exert and our muscle straining. One best shortcut, is to do morning (plus vitamin D from sunlight)  brisk walking for 10 to 15 mins will significantly improve testosterone.
  3. Smoking- Cutting your smoke has shown to improved testosterone production as well as improve fertility. It kills the production of LH and FSH that needed for testosterone. One way out is to use vape, cut off tar it will significant improve testosterone and improve blood circulation.
  4. Obesity- Cutting those fatty food and sugary drink, will reduce your weight and ultimately will increase your testosterone level. One best way is to swap for those who loves fatty and oily food is to consume tea, hot unsweetened tea to wash down fatty food.

If this fails, here is what you can do:-

The medical profession frequently recommends testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as being one of the best solution when it’s on low level side.

Testosterone replacement therapy is available in a variety of delivery forms, all of which are designed to recover your testosterone levels:

Injections- Jab directly into the muscles, or implanted in the form of pellets within the soft tissue.

Mouth Patch – Sublingual way using is a tablet that sticks to the upper gums above the incisors. tissues.

Skin Patch – Worn on the arm of the upper body and is applied once daily.

Gel – Applied into body and absorbed through skin.

Armpit- Armpit lotion as per application.

Real Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Most men reported improved energy levels, better mood, pump harder in the gym, enhance sex drive, and pro bodybuilder and pro athletes who use it for muscular growth swears by It to enhance performance. However WADA council sees of all the upside, there is also potential downside, therefore careful management is required to optimize the benefits of TRT. 

Downsides of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

It’s can be expensive for the average person. It can cost up to USD 150 to USD 300 per month for the average person on this therapy (unless cover by insurance or national health scheme).

There is some evidence it aggravates BPH, it may make men’s prostate grow.

It need other drug to balance out the benefits of TRT, firstly once we receive TRT, our pituitary gland and gonads will shut down as it will not produce hormone naturally due to excessive external hormone is available. It need to have additional drug HCG (to make gonads active) and AI (make more testosterone the estrogen)  inhibitor to be available to offset the downside and optimize the benefits of TRT.

It will be lifetime, once on TRT, to cycle off TRT is not recommended.

Erythrocytosis will increases in testosterone because of an increase in a red blood cell count, therefore it is recommended to donate blood for people on TRT.

There is also some evidence and legal battle or lawsuit now in US due to cognitive heart failure is known in some people after undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.

The last and greatest danger might be, if once someone is in a shock, accident or coma (heart attack or stroke ) for more than a few days once their artificial testosterone is depleted, as men’s gonads and pituitary glands are currently in shut down mode, function muscle, energy level and cognitive function might low or inactive, for someone to bounce back from this shock definitely or chances of wake up is much lower, as the pituitary glands might remain switch off or rendered inert.

Not all health authorities in countries in the world recognize low testosterone level as a medical condition that needs treatment, but more of a specific lifestyle condition but prescription is based on its causes such as low libido, lack of energy or ED or erectile dysfunction.

As with everything in life, not all natural testosterone supplements will help you achieve the desired effects, but this does not mean that you should expose yourself to some of the more harmful testosterone treatments.

If your chosen natural testosterone supplement is unable to help you achieve the results that you had hoped for, it would be wise to try a different brand, because different products rely on different ingredients.

By researching the right ingredients, you are bound to find the right product for you.

Benefits of Using a Natural Testosterone Supplement. (Ali–Activ® Plus)

Natural testosterone boosters like Ali–Activ® Plus boosting your naturally, endogenously you can have the positive benefits that you would experience of regaining puberty just like TRT however without its complicated stacks or protocols and management and monitoring system.

You will experience youthful energy levels, enhanced libido, firmer erections, an increased ability to retain muscle mass.

It benefits the prostate, past user experience has been positive those who has problems with estrogen and help with ( frequent night urinals ) or nocturia,

It is significant cheaper way and convenient to consume it as a supplement rather then a regime or protocol to manage your low testosterone.

Most elderly who is on Ali–Activ® Plus, has benefited a lot, some says like having a second puberty, restoring their youth vigor. Therefore it’s a supremely great supplement any elderly men must have to increase their lifespan, energy, libido plus quality of life.

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    This is also helpful to men to have a healthier lifestyle and to enhance their enhance sex drive as well.

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    This is a must read to all men. This blog gave us ideas on what is testosterone therapy and why do men need it. It also includes its benefits. All men must take time to read this article, it is very helpful.

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    A natural testosterone booster is much more preferable because we can expect less side effect that could harm your body.

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