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Natural Erectile Dysfunction Herbs

by Amir

Best Natural Erectile Dysfunction Herbs

Erectile Dysfunction = men lost their ability to be a man. It becomes one of the most important health reasons on why men lose their manhood or manliness.

Erectile Dysfunction affects men of all age

Erectile Dysfunction is extremely common in men and the number one herb to treat and heal erectile dysfunction is no doubt Tongkat Ali. The herb is commonly known as Malaysian Viagra or Natural Viagra even Herbal Viagra is known to be the best natural male herb, making it extremely valuable herb to restore manhood, virility and libido plus erection.  It stood the simple test, most lab evidence and experience from uses attest to its benefits vs Viagra like drugs.

Cure Erectile Dysfunction with Herbal Viagra

In reality, on a few and proven key herbs that shown to cure and improve on erectile dysfunction. A simple stack of 3 key supplements has proven to treat and cure erectile dysfunction, namely improving and restoring your libido, blood circulation and erectile strength.  As a naturally supplement combo, this 3 herbal combination is proven to reverse or cure erectile dysfunction.

The is also evidence that this supplementation to cure ED, works individually, and we look into the benefits of each supplement and importance to combat ED individually and why zinc is so important to the male for erection.

                                                                        Zinc Supplements in its natural source


  • Zinc is vital to the development and primary function of the male sex organs. It has shown that male with zinc deficiency have less developed testes and also reduced sperm count.
  • Zinc is crucial to helps produce key sex hormones, such as male testosterone and prolactin. In addition, Zinc as a mineral is absolutely crucial as it also enables the creation of the main component of prostatic fluid.
  • There is also some evidence that dietary zinc may impact male sexual competency positively. In a rats study, this test animal receiving a moderate daily oral dose of zinc showed an increase in time before ejaculation (a positive herbs that support for premature ejaculation) and penile thrusting.
  • Zinc supplements have also been used as a potential treatment for ED in those with long-term kidney disease and complication.
  • There is a popular culture to serve shellfish such as prawns, oysters, crab and any shellfish during Valentines day menu. It is believe taking zinc improve mens sexual prowess and womans libido.

Another important natural source of non-essential amino acid, L-Arginine is well studied to support many bodily functions even though its usually present in low quantities, especially as we started to age it is one of the most . One of the biggest benefits to our body is L-arginine or L Citruline (Our body converts L-citrulline to L-arginine, another type of amino acid) is converted into nitric oxide (proven), which causes blood vessels to open wider is its capability to improve blood flow and better circulation for Erectile Dysfunction.

                                                   Natural Source of L Arginine (Fish , egg, meat beans and etc )

This is essential very important for Erectile Dysfunction with limited blood flow, especially to those aging smoker and hypertension sufferer.  ED sufferer who does not exercise takes L Arginine has seen their sexual function improve and Erectile dysfunction improved.


  • Research shows that l-arginine is beneficial for lowering inflammation and improving the health of the blood vessels and cardiovascular system L-arginine supplementation has been shown to resolve nitrate intolerance in most people with angina.


  • L-arginine is used by the body to increase and precursor to the production of human growth hormone, prolactin and several amino acids It even increases our sensitivity to insulin, analogously to body when we exercise, by accepting more glucose to enter into our cells and improve better cellular energy therefore less fatigue with much more stamina. L-arginine’s function in supporting our metabolic health are also extremely important for building stronger muscle tissue and potentially to help fight inflammation.


  • And finally, due to its blood vessel dilation properties, it is extremely helpful and important supplement for diabetic suffer who has nerve and blood vessel damage.


Here it shown these 2 supplements is extremely important to those who has hypertension, diabetics and restore and improve their ED problem. Natural ED or erectile herb’s mechanism, one supplements for blood circulation via nitric oxide pathway, one for getting their libido and precursor hormones.

Another more important combo is to add the final stack Testosterone Booster for Male Sexual Heath and Performance

It will help improve your condition by  restoring testosterone levels, improving your level of free testosterone and by enhancing energy and muscle building naturally, lower stress level,  improve bone healthanti-aging restore fertilityimprove libido and improve sexual function.

Adding Tongkat Ali, as a natural testosterone booster into this 3 combo is the best natural ED supplement, from our experience even a reasonable healthy 80 years old may enjoy improved erection, stamina libido and sexual function of a much younger men.

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