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Male PMS and Menopause? Yes it’s Low Testosterone and Andropause

by Amir

Male PMS and Menopause?  Yes it’s Low Testosterone and Andropause.

Here is the reality, during menstrual or menopause, woman’s hormone is wreaking havoc on her mood and emotions, a little argument turns into major a big fight. Imagine if you and your boyfriend or fiancée, turn the heat up on each other. Boom there goes the relationship.

Whose triggered this time bomb you or your partner? To be honest chances are the culprit is our hormone.

Low Testosterone and Andropause

Research has shown when Male hormone testosterone when its low men tends to have shorter fuse, and lower tolerance to stress. Some may say high -T level = to aggression, however low -T level is just as bad.

Before concluding let’s look into chart showing the male hormone testosterone in the male body. For men the most important indicator is the Free T, free testosterone.

Low Testosterone and Andropause

If his Free T (free testosterone is low and higher SHBG causes stress hormone goes high and low Free T) lacking in his body, and start dropping when he starts to age around 30 and its gets lower exponentially.

The tell signs normally associated with Low – T is listed below. Is he changing or display behavior as below:-

  • Is he crankier then before with a foul mood and short temper?






  • His beer gut started getting bigger and now comes with a man boob?
  • He is easily tired, display a lack of interest in physical activities and his libido and erection is not as frequent and longer lasting then before. He might have fertility issue if he is trying for a baby.
  • He wakes up at night frequently goes to the washroom a few times a night. It can and may be sign of Low -T and may cause BPH due to low -T level.
  • His concentration and short-term memory started to falter and sometime he might forget important dates such as birthdays and anniversary.

This problem might worse nowadays and hit men at a younger age, if he drinks frequently, smokes a lot and eats a lot of unhealthy food and rarely exercises. Compounding this is our environment is getting more toxic with pollutant which lower T-level.

Research has shown at the chart below.
Low Testosterone and AndropauseTravison, TG, AB Araujo, AB O’Donnell, V Kupelian, JB McKinlay. 2007. A population-level decline in serum testosterone levels in American menJournal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 92:196–202

Fact 1, T -Level in men dropped significantly compared to the past. Fact 2, it is not going to get up naturally or improve unless is he seeks help and he might not be aware but take it as a natural sign of aging or working stress.

The culprit might be low testosterone wreaking him affecting his body, mind and your relationship.

Here is how it can be fixed:-

  • Exogenous TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) – Take patch, pellets or injections to restore your testosterone level, mood and confidence a helpful solution to restore his health.
  • Endogenous Natural Testosterone Booster– Take Tongkat Ali, Mace, Pine Pollen, Boron and etc to restore his testosterone production as proven to restore T – Level.
  • Let it restore naturally via better nutrition and healthier lifestyle – Exercise, eat healthier, sleep better it will restore T – Level Naturally.
  • Combination of all the above.

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