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Do You Know Why Viagra Sales in Malaysia is The Worst in The World?

by Amir

Do You Know Why Viagra Sales in Malaysia is The Worst in The World?

Male enhancement herbs is a common solution for sexual prowess and erectile dysfunction in men of medium and old ages. There is a huge information in the internet with hundreds of companies trying to get you to buy how do you know which products actually work?

Before you purchase a male enhancer, you should research the available options carefully and ignore the hype.

A lot of male enhancement products make false advertising claims about their effectiveness, and misleading their customers on 100% claim of natural herbals but yet spiking their product with prescription only ED drugs such as taladafil or sildenafil for immediate effect. (VIMAX statement with FDA) Unlike ED drugs, Natural male enhancers work by revitalizing and rejuvenate your body over a time period of a few days to a few weeks to gradually restore safely and naturally to a more youthful age where your libido and erection BACK TO your teenage or adult years. They are virtually side effect-free, unlike prescription ED drugs. How it works bio mechanism to reverse an aging’s men body to a teen physiology? The answer is Testosterone, more free Testosterone in your body = more stamina, higher energy level, better libido and natural and frequent erection.

Instead of using PDE-5 blocker, which is single dosage for each time when men is needing it, Malaysian male is using its most potent male aphrodisiac , Tongkat Ali as a male or standard supplement for its manliness boosting qualities.

One of the other factors is the cost, ED is not a problem which unlike certain countries which is available by prescription or supplemented by government or insurance, in Malaysia which is available only as purchase and prescribed , it is a very expensive drug for single consumption. Therefore by dosing their body to harmonise with Tongkat Ali as their daily supplement, most Malaysians men avoided needing Viagra.

One important factor is the availability of Tongkat Ali product and by far the most popular is Tongkat Ali coffee, which is as common as tea, served everywhere in Malaysia as a popular beverages, which serve as a tonic, energy and stamina booster plus man enhancement maintenance concoction.

Therefore the sale of prescription grade PDE-5 inhibitors is quite limited in Malaysia due to its cost, plus availability of a much cheaper, effective and natural herbs.


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