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Increase Testosterone Naturally with Tongkat Ali

by Amir

Increase Testosterone Naturally with Tongkat Ali

To increase, restore or inject testosterone (TRT) has become the new rage. Bodybuilders, professional sports person crave this to have a full time optimal hormone in their system. There is no denying that testosterone is the ultimate muscle and sport androgen hormone, keeping it at top optimal range is crucial to perform at the very peak and push their performance over the limit. Exogenous hormone supplement however run risk with WADA, governing body for sports doping.

However, the rage for optimal testosterone also hit us the common layman. TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) shots, HRT and natural testosterone boosters is increasing common. Men of all age want to feel good, look good, perform good. The common knowledge is low testosterone will cause these problems below,

  • depression,
  • loss of libido,
  • erectile dysfunction
  • irritability,
  • declining of muscle mass
  • and reduced capacity to workout,
  • mass fat gain,
  •  low energy,
  • trouble sleeping
  • and poor concentration.

These symptoms arise from a modern lifestyle smoking, excess drinking, overeating and lack of exercise. If you feel the above is affecting you, or anyone in your family, your father, or partner look at the chart below.


There are a few solutions for us men.

However TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) or HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is extremely costly and unaffordable to most average person on the street. Going this route means your SHUTTING DOWN totally your bodys natural testosterone producing organs. When you are on TRT or HRT the risk of the body when goes into shock, examples into a heart attack, stroke or accidental coma , natural hormone or recovery testosterone is totally off, there is no papers on clinical studies on survivability and recoverability rate as your natural testosterone mechanism is in totally shutdown.

The other route to restore your energy, libido, mood and muscle mass is to go the natural way taking natural testosterone booster Ali-Activ to re stimulate your natural testosterone producing organs.

Studies has shown Malaysia Tongkat Ali stimulates pituitary gland to produce LH and FSH for testosterone production and lowering estrogen, evidently in this clinical papers, helping your body to reproduce and restore your libido and fertility.

From the all the studies, we can safely endorse Tongkat Ali to restore vigor, energy, manhood and mood.  For aging men, It would be highly recommended to take this Ali-Activ (Tongkat Ali & Moringa )  supplement to increase natural testosterone for optimal health.

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