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How to Increase Testosterone Levels in Older Men?

by Amir

How to Increase Testosterone Levels in Older Men?

As men age and time goes by, there are a few noticeable changes. Most aging men will wish to turn back their body clock.  Standard medical literature and findings has found men testosterone level as dropped significantly lower today compared to 30 years ago. This lead to a myriad of health, psychology and mental problem. Let’s explore the psychology behind this.  The question is what men wants to to act, feel, look and behave?

  1. We men when we age to above 55 and above wishes to look as good as in our prime youth, not only looking good but as well as our internal organs and health in optimal as when we are young at early twenties to thirties, where we experience our optimal physical and mental peak.

2.  Aging well physically fit and strong at the age of 50-60 and look impressive lean and strong, physically is still as capable at the age of early thirties.

  1. Still Maintain ability to Perform in Bed, wish to be able to maintain an erection, libido and multiple rounds of sexual performance. Studies has shown 2 master hormones when we reach this age created when imbalance will affect men’s overall health and accelerate the degradation of his wellbeing and mental capacity.Research and clinical trials has shown, optimal and free testosterone level is the most crucial for men’s aging wellbeing. It needed to be at good and elevated levels, not lower band which will be counter active to men’s overall health.Secondly the woman, hormone estrogen will be when its elevated men age posing a serious health risk. The standard is to go to a doctor and take blood test and sample for Total T, Free – Testosterone Level (should be mid to higher range) and Estradiol (E2) (if elevated then T- Level might be Low)

    Men with Low Testosterone and high Estrogen higher incidence in middle aged man


    The other tell signs to look for are:-

    • Low Testosterone Level is associated with higher level of stress and anger issues.
    • Secondly, other myriad problems shown has its origin in Low Testosterone level starts to show up such as risk of Alzheimer, diabetics, uric acid and hypertension starts showing has been proven to be related to low Testosterone level.Secondly, other myriad problems shown has its origin in Low Testosterone level starts to show up such as risk of Alzheimer, diabetics, uric acid and hypertension starts showing has been proven to be related to low Testosterone level.


    • Thirdly bone and muscle skeletal start degrading and weakening with risk of osteoporosis, you can see incidence of losing body mass and bone density when testosterone level is low and injuries from a simple fall is much more serious than normal and muscle and bone damage recovery is much slower.


    • Fourthly incidence is the levels of PSA shots up and possibly BHP due to high level of estrogen along with frequent trip the toilet which interrupt with sleep. Low testosterone is also associated with higher risk of Prostate cancer.

      Interrupted sleep due to BPH?

      This is not overall but can be summarized as a snapshot of potential symptom of low testosterone and with high estrogen in male.

      What is the standard therapy to improve testosterone level?

      Before taking supplement or going for a medical treatment, or using exogenous testosterone or endogenous testosterone booster, there is a few ways and changes in lifestyle you might try to restore your Testosterone levels.

      Some of the lifestyle changes has a positive effect on overall and improve Testosterone level in elderly male.

      1. As we age, sleep and rest is more crucial, it’s time for our body to regenerate and recharge, one of the best way is to power sleep (a short afternoon 20 to 30 mins rest), it does help to restore testosterone levels. Another causal effect of Low Testosterone which is extremely common in older men which his nightly rest is frequent night trip to the toilet. It might be a possible indication of BPH or drinking too much water at night before resting. A good night uninterrupted sleep is crucial for optimal body function and testosterone level. This is also a potential indication of BPH or high sugar level in blood and this problem needed to be addressed to improve our natural testosterone levels.

        Nocturia especially elder men.

      2. Exercise, a short walk sweating even for 20 mins does wonders to reactivate men’s T level and especially in the early morning, the effect is much more profound with assistance of the morning sun to synthesis natural Vitamin D which is crucial for men’s overall wellbeing. Those who lives in the farm especially, who needs to wake early normally has better T levels then similar city folks
      3. Have more frequent sex, aging men does not mean you should lose interest in sex. Sex keep us young and healthy will boost T levels while reduce our stress hormone or cortisol to a lower range.
      4. Smokers who been in the habit for a lot of the time is one of the most affected in this category. Studies has shown it will lower testosterone level. Can’t quit smoking, an alternative is to join the vaping community, it’s a much healthier option for nicotine fix without the other multitudes complications consequent of smoking.
      5. Changing your natural diet, certain food boost Testosterone and some might elevate our estrogen level.

Having gone through the few steps above, if the testosterone level is still low, then the choice is to take natural supplement such as Tongkat Ali. Studies has shown it’s the best T booster for elder men and lower estrogen levels for elder men with andropause or Late Onset Hypogonadism.

The positive effect of Tongkat Ali is actually profound and especially for elderly, it helps benefits men and woman equally. However before using any Tongkat Ali, as it’s a strong androgen herb if you are under medication please see your doctor for advice. How fast you can see the effect taking natural testosterone like Tongkat Ali?

Our experience with our customers saw improvement within 1 – 2 weeks of continuously taking Tongkat Ali (Ali Activ Plus).

  • Normally energy level, concentration, lowering stress level normally is restored after 2 weeks.
  • Those elderly who has high estrogen and bodyfat sees improved weight loss within 4 weeks and improved erection function.
  • Because as testosterone levels is slowly restored, men with high PSA readings and BPH has seen lowering of frequency of night urinals from 3-4 times to 1 after taking it for 2 months.

To become new young you again, take Ali-Activ® Plus and feel the differences like having a second puberty. To make a purchase click below:-



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