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Fertility Test

by Amir

Fertility Test ? Boost your male fertility with Tongkat Ali first

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child with unprotected sexual intercourse. On average, a couple who’s been trying to conceive may find that not all cases of failed pregnancy will take up to one year or more before seeking professional help or even longer. Certain more masculine culture, see the failure to produce offspring is due to the problems with female in reality, more than 50% of the cases or time, men’s health condition plays a significant role in the couple’s infertility. Before even going to see your doctor there to take fertility test, you can determine the major causes.

A number of risk and lifestyle factors are linked to common and more widespread male infertility, including some of the most common below. These are most common problems for infertility

Smoking cigarette– This is one of the main cause of young men infertility ,most studies have reported reduced semen quality, reproductive hormone system dysfunction and impaired spermatogenesis, sperm maturation, and spermatozoa function in smokers compared with nonsmokers. It is estimated that 35% of reproductive-aged males smoke who smoke before or during attempts to conceive risk decreasing their fertility.

Lack of sleep– Sleep is a natural and periodic state of rest for the mind and body, occurring at regular intervals. Proper sleep is a fundamental component of a healthy lifestyle. According to a Chinese study lack of sleep defiantly affects the quality of sperm.

Drinking too much alcohol – It is a generally acknowledged fact; over excessive alcohol consumption affects sperm quality and production. A Danish study confirms this direct correlation that a higher level of alcohol consumption affects the average sperm quality of men.

Overweight– Overweight or obesity can cause bad hormonal imbalances, this has shown it causes bad or low-quality sperm production. Another study cited Abdominal fat, more than body mass index, is an indicator of higher metabolic risk, which seems to be involved in decreasing sperm quality.

Overheating the balls or gonads– Excessive tight pants, constricting our private areas has shown to be bad for fertility for men, One study followed 20 participants who wore tight-fitting underwear for 6 months then switched to loose-fitting underwear for 6 months Semen samples were taken every 2 weeks for the duration of the study. While half of the participants dropped out, there was a significant 50% decrease in sperm parameters in the tight-fitting versus loose-fitting underwear, demonstrating that the effects of tight-fitting underwear reversible. Another notable studies, also those who expose constant heat to men’s private area, or job related which has excessive heat kills the sperms in men’s nut sack, this confirms the actual truth actually studied the effects of wet heat on 11 male subjects who were exposed to wet heat for greater than 30 minutes every week for at least 3 months prior to any experimentation These 11 men were then told to avoid wet heat exposure for 3 months. Three different semen samples were assessed: one from the onset of the study representing the exposed, one before 3 months into the experiment, and another at 3 to 6 months. Nearly half of the participants saw an increase in semen quality.

Professional Bodybuilder– One study states study was to assess the influence of the administration of high doses of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) on endocrine and semen parameters, it concludes that male fertility on those who use steroids has fertility issues, where production of sperm is shut down and testicular shrinkage is common in professional builder.

Unhealthy Food – Certain food which is excessive and sugar and caffeine has shown to affect sperm quality making men to be infertile.  Eating a healthy and varied diet may be a key part of maintaining good overall health. However, there are certain vitamins and food groups that could have a greater impact on reproductive health than others.

As explained above, changes or improvement for the above lifestyle factors, including your age when starting a family, improve nutrition, better weight management, regular exercise, reduce psychological stress, cut down on cigarette smoking, reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption, and other behaviors are modifiable and may improve impact fertility. Some extreme cases are unbelieve, there are cases which male is above average at their norm, his fertility level, testosterone and libido to give him the title as the oldest father in the world.

World’s oldest: Ramjit Raghav holding his second baby Ranjit at the ripe old age of 96

If the above changes in lifestyle has difficulty in improving or marginally male sperm quality, then consider using Tongkat Ali or Ali- Activ. Here is the research and empirical evidence that shows it is one of the best or if not the best male natural fertility herb. It been trusted to raise your LH and FSH. Dr Ismail Thambi of Damai Specialist Hospital in Kuala Lumpur has been using it as fertility supplement for men. The success rate is quite significantly. First lab research has shown a higher level of sperm count, spermatogenesis and sperm quantity. Secondly it will effect higher testosterone, better libido therefore also improve overall fertility and sexual satisfaction when using Ali-Activ Tongkat Ali.

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