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Can Jacking off Cause Erectile Dysfunction

by Amir

Can Jacking off Cause Erectile Dysfunction – Masturbating to Porn and Erectile Dysfunction

Identify cause and 4 actionable cure for men’s Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Majority of Men in their lives will definitely encounter some type of sexual problems in their lives. If you look around the internet chats, Facebook and forums there been more inquiries from younger male aged 30 and below asking solutions to ED problem.

Imagine a young and virile man, between his teen and adult can’t seems to get his penis working. Most queries and common questions is related to men for the problem below. It is alarming the staggering number of young men is asking for question looking for solution to a matter below.

  • How to get a good and solid consistent erection to engage penetrative sex.
  • How to long enough to satisfy his partner to orgasm
  • Some young men seeking solutions to premature ejaculation.
  • Some young men reported he can’t get any erection with their partner.

So the question is today what causes younger men inflicted with erectile dysfunction? This is uncommon in the past and also a new coined term called sexual performance anxiety.

Sexual performance anxiety is generally termed to be caused by negative thoughts, mental and physical expectation that been defined mental barrier or concern for men to achieve normal erection, in ED term, most have defined it as psychological erectile dysfunction. In strict term, its means its in your mind and emotions is stopped exciting your penis from firing up and getting hard. In any young couple with starting a relationship, the next step is to start getting physical in bed. As usual young men have the expectation to ensure they can:-

  • Please his girlfriend or spouse physically and mentally.
  • Bring her to multiple orgasm.
  • Ability to engage in multiple round of sex.To ensure they are good enough for their partner. So where do guys how to please their partner? To be honest, there is no physical sexual education in school, college or private tutoring anywhere in the world.The honest answer majority of us learn about sex from porn. In reality, performers in pornographic video are actor and actress, most act and scenes may not represent true and normal facts about actual sexual ability and need, and unfortunately become expectation norm that most guys believe that men in porn men actors have constant erections and can perform a long time. The actual fact is most male porn actors take Viagra’s and other energy plus to buff up their performance, when male actors is struggling with their erection, there is be scene pause to raise his erection back, giving the illusion that a real man can perform again and again. This means a real man can have a hard rock erection all the time and if you failed to get it up constantly, you think you might be having ED. The bigger your penis is the better pleasure is for the woman and all and most woman likes endowed men. Most porn genre focuses the size of man’s manhood, the bigger it is, the better the pleasure for woman, and in porn performers normally glorify large manhood.  The average man is endowed with 6 inch, any may think he is not endowed to pleasure.Hey its not the size of your penis it’s the speed of your tongue and finger, (the fact is most woman need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm) rather than intercourse only.

    Women when stimulated will scream and cream, make moaning noises while having multiple orgasm.

    Porn starlet normally is not having real orgasms, most are faking it as part of the act.  To be honest all woman reaction n is different, not all require penetrative sex to achieve orgasm, as mentioned above finger or tongue stimulation may be enough to bring her to expected orgasm.

    Woman knows the right button to push and pleasure men.

    In porn, most starlet are professional actress, most of them are experience in pleasuring men they know the right way to push the men’s button.

    If your partner is not good in bed, that’s good sign that you guys need to learn and explore the way to experience each other together.


    You have a favourite porn star that you wank to.

    When using porn for sexual release, guys will normally mentally and visually picture his favorite attractive actress to assist him into finishing his job, and usually a porn starlet may have undergone surgeries to enhance their look and body

    Your plain Jane girlfriend might connect with you emotionally, but she might not be able to rock your off mentally or physically when you need to get off and pit her against your favorite porn star.

    You are bombarded with ads on porn site.

     The online porn industry is brutally competitive some are access via subscription, those free sites has the most ads are telling you, you don’t last long enough, your willie is not big enough here is something specifically something to make your manhood bigger, last longer and stronger.

    To their credit if you watch porn for free, well they needed to be paid to maintain their free website.

     You watch virtual porn.

     You own a few virtual porn starlets they are they way you fulfill your sexual fantasies and desire.

    They are your virtual girlfriend before a real girlfriend.

     So let’s assume this the way you learn about sex and masturbate to porn, do realize So what can you do to reduce the influence of porn in your real that may cause psychological erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety?

    Here are 4 actionable tips that might cure young mens psychological erectile dysfunction and sexual performance anxiety.


    • Take Tongkat Ali, it can and definitely will improve libido and erection for men by reducing mental stress. Share some of this herb with your partner it may help woman to improve her libido.


    • Talk to your other half about your preferences and be open about, it may help if to engage into role play that may improve your libido and horniness while improve your relationship.
    • A romantic settings and environment is crucial, setting up a good place and pace to build tempo before starting the session.
    • Reduce the frequency of porn watching with masturbation when in the relationship may help to avoid mental erectile dysfunction.TO cure and kick start recovery for Psychological Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Performance Anxiety, Ali-Activ Plus will definitely solve your problem. If its proven to help elder men with ED, it will definitely work even better for the problems above. Click the link below to learn more on how Ali-Activ® Plus can help you.Learn more:  https://manlyherb.com 


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