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BPH, PSA Levels and Prostate Cancer and Ali-Activ.

by Amir

BPH, PSA Levels and Prostate Cancer and Ali-Activ.

Standard pharmaceutical drug and doctor for treatment is deficient in addressing the root cause of prostate problem, medication prescribed (5-alpha reductase inhibitor and alpha blocker) further reduce an already declining testosterone level in elderly men. This creates awful loop of male hormonal disparity, men aging with declining testosterone and weakening sexual function against rising estrogen level and weight gains. By understanding the role of estrogen in men’s prostate health, herbal Ali-Activ can address this problem.

Medical studies have shown that Tongkat Ali increases free testosterone, while reduces sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) with no increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the androgen primarily responsible for causing swelling of the prostate gland by contemporary medicine. DHT is the strongest and most abundant male androgen. Any synthetic medication (5-Alpha reductase inhibitor) or natural (such as Pumpkin Seed) that blocks its conversion will produce decline in sexual drive and ability. Aging men are more susceptible to benign prostatic hyperplasia and the medication commonly available, both natural and synthetic further reduce male androgens, libido and sexual function.

The best belief and realistic cause is due to the  higher amounts of estrogen and estrogen receptor are clearly linked to the development and progression of prostate cancer.

 Symptom of Prostate enlargement, BPH and Potentially Prostate Cancer.

Common symptoms Prostate Enlargement and BPH are given below:

  • Decrease in force of the urinary stream and a decrease in the stream jet’s diameter
  • Increased frequency in urinate during the day
  • Need to urinate 3-4 times during the night (nocturia)
  • Feeling of wanting to urinate immediately (urgency)
  • Forcing to push and strain urine out
  • Dribbling urine or difficulty finishing urination
  • Having the sensation of still needing to urinate even after the peeing has stopped
  • Discomfort or a burning sensation during urination
  • Complete blockage of of urethra (in advanced BPH, an enlarged prostate can entirely block the channel of urine)

If the above happens the bladder no longer empties completely, creating a situation in which diseases, bladder stones, and chronic prostatitis may advance. If left uncured, chronic blockage can lead to the backup of urine into the ureters and affect your kidney.

BPH Occurrence Percentage and Predominance Age

Most men in their lifetime will experience symptoms of the condition. General statistical indicators suggest BPH occurs in:

  • 14% in men in their 40’s
  • 24% of men in their 50’s
  • 43% of men in their 60’s
  • Growing to 80% of men who reach their 80’s

Prostate Problem’s Conventional Treatment

Modern treatment for prostate enlargement, elevated PSA and BPH thus emphases on drugs that deter the hormones that regulate prostate swelling or that eases the muscles inside the prostate.

Drugs that lower DHT by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase have been shown to reduce the size of the prostate gland therefore shrink the symptoms of BPH. The problems for men is the side effect of 5-alpha reductase drugs decline in androgen hormones leading to impotence, diminished libido, dwindled semen quantity.

Testosterone is also converted into estradiol (estrogen) via the enzyme aromatase and as men age, aromatase levels increase, resulting in higher estrogen level and declining androgen levels contribute to BPH.

Tongkat Ali, acts as a dual action blocker, as a aromatase inhibitor and increase free testosterone, a perfect substitute to standard drug or conventional  herbs without the side effect. For early stage Prostate enlargement, Tongkat Ali it is an invaluable herb that can deter prostate enlargement using its biochemical signaling.

For urine problem control, doctors often prescribe alpha-blockers to act on nervous system as muscle relaxant, alpha-receptors in the prostate gland reacts with alpha-blockers relaxes the muscle symptoms, providing brisk urinary problem relief. However long term use of drugs has shown it can can cause fatigue, rhinitis, hypotension, dizziness, abnormal ejaculation or impotence. Using Moringa Oleifera leave extract as natural PDE-5 inhibitor (FDA Approves Cialis to Treat Enlarged Prostate. … It may also be used to treat men who have both enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction (ED) at the same time. Cialis is the first ED drug to be approved for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)) long term as  safe muscle relaxant combined with Tongkat Ali provides the best solution for men’s Prostate Problem without needing for surgery or prostate removal. A more positive and recent highlight Tongkat Ali’s anti prostate cancer properties, reducing PSA level and apoptotic cell death cancer in men’s prostate.

Based on this discovery, Ali-Activ herbal is a safer and positive supplement for men’s prostate health management. Those who have family history in prostate cancer, BPH, elevated PSA and Erectile Dysfunction may have their complications remedied by Ali-Activ® Plus.

NOTE: Click words in blue for further reading on the scientific research. For more information on Tongkat Ali please visit https://manlyherb.com


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