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Best Tasting Coffee

by Amir

Is Tongkat Ali Coffee better then Coffee on its own? The 5 extra benefits on why Tongkat Ali Coffee is better than Coffee on its own and what is the best option for you?

Is Tongkat Ali coffee actually healthy? Mixing caffeine from coffee and matching it with Tongkat Ali root or extract, will it boost your energy, physical performance, and mental faculty?

Let’s look at the science behind this claim. This new functional beverage originated from Malaysia, popularized from recent show Dr OZ on the benefits of Tongkat Ali and its very popular in Malaysia in recent years for its dual functional potent ingredient and currently Tongkat Ali Coffee is among the popular exports of instant coffee category from Malaysia.

The health benefits of coffee are actually well studied, plenty of clinical and scientific data validating it as one of the most common functional beverages in the planet.

Here are the well documented studies of coffee and commonly agreed why the world has so many coffee drinkers, not just for its taste or morning or energy kick starter but its multiple health benefits. Additional ingredient by adding Tongkat Ali actually enhances its health benefits multiple time making it one of the best combination drink in the market, provided there is sufficient dried or liquid extract of Tongkat Ali in your morning cup, the health benefits and effect is massive.  Look into the list below on the benefits of marrying coffee with Tongkat Ali. To be honest, most brand of coffee flavored with Tongkat Ali has little or limited ability to enhance its functionally for the range of health benefits below. From our experience any coffee brands infused with minimum according to our experience with 40mg and above per sachets delivers a superb punch in term of the benefits below for both.

  1. Coffee Increases Your Metabolism and Tongkat Ali Helps You to Enhance Physical Performance.

Drinking coffee can actually raise your metabolism and help you burn fat at a faster rate, thus can help you to lose weight.

Tongkat Ali is well known to improve to athletic performance and endurance during exercise.

With these two reasons, drinking coffee infused with Tongkat Ali has more benefits then single dose of coffee, where it doubles your energy level for better endurance on physical activities last much more longer.

  1. Coffee with Tongkat Ali Will Lesser Your Risk of Being Depressed and Moody

Depression and mood swing is a disorder that affects both men and women. Many factors come into play, Studies have found that increased caffeinated coffee consumption decreased the risk of depression risk especially for woman. On the other hand, adding Tongkat Ali has proven to lowers stress hormones, an enhance benefit for those who drinks a cup of coffee in the morning.

  1. Coffee is a Vasodilator (It Increase your blood flow) and With Tongkat Ali as Aphrodisiac can improve your sex drive it can improve.

The effect of coffee as a  vasodilator is well researched with plenty of evidence to suggest its benefit for our blood circulatory system. A good blood flow is also extremely important for enhance and positive sexual performance, having actually drinking coffee mixed with potent Tongkat Ali extract has its basis for its popularity in Malaysia as an aphrodisiac drink. Middle Aged Men who drinks it in the morning and night actually has reported good morning erection on those who has higher extract level grade.

4. Caffeine from Coffee and Tongkat Ali as Natural Testosterone Booster Enormously Reduces Risk from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a type of disease that causes problems with your memory, thinking and behavior and Dementia is a subset of Alzheimer diseases. Drinking caffeinated coffee has been associated with reducing the age related dementia problem, In the CAIDE study, coffee drinking of 3-5 cups per day at midlife was associated with a decreased risk of dementia/AD by about 65% at late-life. Studies also has shown, low testosterone is directly correlated with risk of Alzheimer and Dementia.

To reduce risk of dementia and Alzheimer diseases, a cup of Tongkat Ali Coffee can massively reduce the risk of aged related complication and decline. Significantly studies Tongkat Ali is the best herb to manage low testosterone for elderly, it enhances the effect of preventive supplement for managing dementia and Alzheimer’s Diseases. By combining this two as a regular daily morning intake, it significantly lowers the risk of this age related disease, especially managing couple.

  1. Coffee and Tongkat Ali Can Make You Smarter and Sharper and for longer.

When coffee is drunk, caffeine enters our blood stream and travels to the brain where it enhancing the bombardment of neurons and increasing energy absorption throughout our brain. Most of this effect can be observed, every coffee drinker needs it in the morning to kick start our day, or those who need to study late keeps a steady dose of coffee accompanying them burning through the midnight oil.

These are the few reasons why Tongkat Ali coffee is so popular in Malaysia and getting much hype overseas. However most of the brands that is selling is actually has low Tongkat Ali content, therefore the few that does have strong infused Tongkat Ali extract is quite pricy and not really and readily available due to its lack of demand. Most of the brands of Tongkat Ali coffee are always 3 in1 or 4 in 1 formulated.

Ali-Activ® Plus ( World’s First Tongkat Ali & Moringa Oleifera Liquid Concentrates)

For you to get your regular dose of coffee’s health benefit infused with Tongkat Ali here is the best way, you can infuse the grounded coffee beans, 3 in one or any instant coffee with Ali-Activ® Plus in order to experience all the enhanced goodness of Tongkat Ali Coffee.  Now a new category has been created in the world of coffee. This product is sweeping the world, by storm! You can drop the dosage as you prefer, infuse all the  coffee goodness with Ali-Activ® Plus for all the healthy and tasty benefits.


Tongkat Ali Coffee from Malaysia has gained  popularity in the western world

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