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Manlyherb.com is the official marketing website for Borneo Rainforest Herbs Sdn Bhd. The rainforest of  North Borneo is well known in the world as the oldest. Nurtured by tropical rain and humid weather, it has the highest biodiversity of life found per square mile anywhere. In here nature’s healing properties meets modern life, it nurtures and feed us through a complex ecosystem sustaining life with oxygen and bestowing us with natural remedies.

Our company business philosophy is bringing rainforest produce partnering with the natives of Borneo and raising their standard of living, sustainable harvesting and collaboration with any interested parties who is interested in marketing and distributing of our Tongkat Ali based products. Our company also provide advisory on planting and supplies saplings to interested party in order to create a sustainable and unending supply of Tongkat Ali plants for benefits of the world.  Please email us if you need more info and keen on engaging us.


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