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November 2017 / 2 posts found

Tongkat Ali Benefits

by Amir
Tongkat Ali Benefits 11 Benefits of Tongkat Ali Tree, from the rainforest to the world. Harvesting Tongkat Ali in the Wild Tongkat Ali was originally used as the all in one cure by the Orang Asli, (Jungle People) of the Malay Peninsula.  As they live in the jungle far away from town and civilization, the jungle plants are their source of medicine and among the most famous one is Tongkat Ali. Traditionally, this Plant known for its scientific name, Eurycome Longifolia Longjack has been studied extensively by modern science to validate its medicinal benefit.             […]

Where to buy Tongkat Ali

by Amir
Where to buy Tongkat Ali Before buying any Tongkat Ali product, here is 7 popular range of Tongkat Ali product you can choose. Tongkat Ali is a traditional medicinal plant used by the Orang Asli for hundreds of years in Malay Peninsula scientific known as Eurycoma Longifolia (LongJack). It’s also has a lesser known name as Pasak Bumi Indonesia language and also known as Malaysian Ginseng or Longjack in the West.  It’s a special shrub plants, well known to the Orang Asli who lives and forage in the rainforest and introduce this to Malay traditional herbalist about this powerful plant […]