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September 2017 / 3 posts found

Male PMS and Menopause? Yes it’s Low Testosterone and Andropause

by Amir
Male PMS and Menopause?  Yes it’s Low Testosterone and Andropause. Here is the reality, during menstrual or menopause, woman’s hormone is wreaking havoc on her mood and emotions, a little argument turns into major a big fight. Imagine if you and your boyfriend or fiancée, turn the heat up on each other. Boom there goes the relationship. Whose triggered this time bomb you or your partner? To be honest chances are the culprit is our hormone. Research has shown when Male hormone testosterone when its low men tends to have shorter fuse, and lower tolerance to stress. Some may say […]

Tongkat Ali Side Effects

by Amir
Tongkat Ali Side Effects and How Remedy It. As an androgen and one of most potent natural testosterone boosting supplements, it has the best effect in naturally boosting testosterone, as an aromatase inhibitor, boosting LH and FSH hormone for men’s fertility and increase libido. Tongkat Ali Farm in Borneo Its Benefits is numerous, however their minor side effect or little others caution that when taking this supplement on its own or as a stack or mixing with other supplement. Word of caution there is a few dos and don’t when taking Tongkat Ali. Firstly, Tongkat Ali’s androgenic ability as a […]

Fertility Test

by Amir
Fertility Test ? Boost your male fertility with Tongkat Ali first Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child with unprotected sexual intercourse. On average, a couple who’s been trying to conceive may find that not all cases of failed pregnancy will take up to one year or more before seeking professional help or even longer. Certain more masculine culture, see the failure to produce offspring is due to the problems with female in reality, more than 50% of the cases or time, men’s health condition plays a significant role in the couple’s infertility. Before even going to see […]