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June 2017 / 3 posts found

Tongkat Ali Benefits for Seniors or Elderly

by Amir
Tongkat Ali Benefits for Seniors or Elderly When human grow old, some major changes will occur in our body, in popular, theory we states every 10 years our body and brain undergoes major changes, the quality of our live, mind and our cells degrade and deteriorate over time. Each of us is unique, some people has been blessed with good genes, as they age,some won’t fall sick and, retain all their bodily good function and live a life full without any major illness. Normal Changes That Occur as we age, there are changes that will occur as the decades pass. Memory […]

Benefits of Tongkat Ali For Women

by Amir
9 Benefits of Tongkat Ali For Female Tongkat Ali can benefits women as well as men, in fact some area women may benefit more positively then men when taking Ali-Activ. Here is the few benefits highlighted below on why should women take Tongkat Ali. The key function of Tongkat Ali is testosterone boosting, taking it have myriads of benefits listed below. Lose weight faster and control- due to its hormonal regulating properties and thermogenic effect, woman may lose lose fat and gain muscle tone faster. Energy booster- it’s effect on giving energy boost to a fatigue makes it a superb […]

Ali-Activ® Plus Salutes Our National Hero

by Amir
GEORGE TOWN: Retired soldier Ng Chow Seng has won his sixth gold medal in weightlifting at the age of 82. The grandfather of six from Bukit Mertajam proved his strength at the 2017 World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand, in the 80-84 age category on April 22. He lifted 42kg in the snatch and 52kg in the clean and jerk for a total of 94kg. In second place was Horoshi Kogo, 80, from Japan, who lifted 86kg while Feliks Bionkowski, 81, of Poland finished third with 75kg. “I learned discipline from my army days. I make a plan and […]